Eastern Michigan University*

The MA Program in Philosophy at Eastern Michigan University (http://www.emich.edu/historyphilosophy/philosophy/grad.php) has a pluralistic faculty, giving students tools to engage in philosophical study in the Analytic, Continental, non-Western, and Feminist traditions. Students enroll in one of two tracks: Methodology or Social Justice.

The Methodology Track allows students to explore questions about the nature of philosophy as a mode of inquiry, drawing from diverse philosophical traditions, with courses in Chinese Philosophy, Phenomenology, Comparative Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science.

The Social Justice Track offers courses in Ethical Theory, Food Justice, Environmental Philosophy, Social Epistemology, Moral Psychology, and Feminist Philosophy. These courses examine a number of contemporary concerns, including the nature of just social structures, relations, and practices; theoretical and practical issues related to gender, race, class, and disability; challenges for individual and collective action; and conceptions of what it could mean to flourish in the midst of climate change and other forms of ecological upheaval.

The MA program can be completed in two years with either a course work, a thesis, or a project options, and prepares students for further graduate study in Philosophy. A number of Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships are available.