Boston University

The Department of Philosophy at Boston University has long been committed to pluralism in philosophy and harbors an exceptionally wide spectrum of philosophical views and positions. We are especially well known for our expertise in Continental philosophy. No less than 21 of the department’s faculty have published (in many cases, books) in the area. German Idealism, Phenomenology, and Nietzsche are especially well covered. The faculty is also prominent in Ancient, Early, Modern, the Scottish Enlightenment, Analytic Philosophy, American Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics. Our philosophers of science combine scientific with philosophical and historical education. The Philosophy of Religion is pursued with special emphasis on metaphysics and on the comparative study of religions.. The department offers a broad philosophical education ultimately centered on the perennial great questions of human life. The Department’s philosophical life is significantly enriched by its close association with the Center for Philosophy and History of Science (and its Colloquium); the Institute for Philosophy and Religion (and its Colloquium); and the Institut fur die Wissenschaften vom Mensche (Vienna).