Political Genealogy After Foucault: CFP

Political Genealogy after Foucault
A special issue of Genealogy (ISSN 2313-5778).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 November 2017

Genealogy is now accepting submissions for a Special Issue on the theme, “Political Genealogy After Foucault.” Inspired by the work of Michel Foucault, this issue invites essays from scholars employing political genealogy as a methodology and model of theoretical inquiry representing a wide range of disciplines, from the social sciences to the humanities, from philosophy to geography to urban studies to cultural theory. The goal of this special issue is to publish some of the best and most current work in political genealogy, showing how this work invites us to rethink many of the key concepts in political theory as well as real ground-level political practice. Broadly conceived, the editorial team is interested in articles which demonstrate how political genealogy helps us to understand what Foucault calls “the history of our present,” while at the same time looking to our future, to what being a political subject will look like in a post-representational world

Please contact Special Issue guest editor Michael Clifford (mclifford@philrel.msstate.edu) or managing editor Jie Gu (Genealogy@mdpi.com) with any questions you may have about the manuscript themes, specifications and the submission process.

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