Call for Papers: Borderlands of Race and Ethnicity in Philosophy and Literature

We are currently seeking finished, previously unpublished articles for an edited anthology under contract, entitled “Transgressing the Limit: Borders and Liminality in Philosophy and Literature.” This article will serve as a substitute piece for an author who has dropped out of the volume. Completed articles must engage with both philosophical theory and literature to be considered for this collection. This volume is about to go to press, so we will be considering articles as they are submitted.

This anthology takes on a broad perspective, exploring ways in which boundaries are transgressed, borders crossed, and binaries dismantled; it is further interested in the interdisciplinary approach of philosophy and literature in order to elucidate these complex experiences. The particular section of the book for which we seek an article focuses on ambiguities of race and ethnicity in American culture. We are particularly interested in articles that approach the following topics:

  • Racial and ethnic ‘border crossing’ in America
  • Chicana identities and mestiza consciousness
  • Passing and ‘reverse passing’
  • Subversions of sociopolitical and economic racial boundaries

Submit completed articles (5000-7000 words; Chicago style with footnotes) by July 30, 2017. Note that we will be reviewing articles as they are submitted and may accept a suitable article before the deadline. Along with your article, please include a 500 word abstract and a brief bio. Articles, as well as any inquires, should be sent to: .