Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy


There are three prizes available for submitted papers for each annual meeting: (1) the best submission by a junior scholar, (2) the best submission by a graduate student, and (3) the best submission in feminist philosophy. Each of the award-winning submissions will be selected through an anonymous review process.

To be eligible for the SPEP Junior Scholar Award you must have earned a Ph.D. in the five years previous to the submission date. To be eligible for the SPEP Graduate Student Award you must be enrolled in graduate school at the time of your submission.

In the case of the graduate student and junior scholar prizes, the award is $500.00 each, plus a travel and hotel allowance. You must declare your desire to be considered for an award and your status as a graduate student or as a junior scholar on the cover sheet that accompanies your submission.

The Iris Marion Young Prize for the Best Paper in Feminist Philosophy is awarded each year by the Committee on the Status of Women at the SPEP annual meeting. Authors who wish to be considered for the prize should self-designate their papers for consideration when submitting them to SPEP. Papers submitted for the Iris Marion Young prize also are eligible to receive other SPEP prizes.

No matter the prize, your paper must be prepared for anonymous review. Winners for all three prizes will be notified by June 1 of each year.