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SPEP Meeting Agenda 2016

The Annual SPEP Business meeting will be held on Friday, October 21, 2016, 5:45-7:15. The 2016 SPEP Business Meeting agenda is posted here.

The agenda includes two proposals put forward for consideration by SPEP member Noëlle McAfee. These two proposals are also attached below.


  1. There shall be a nominating committee of five to present to the membership a slate of candidates for open positions on the executive committee, which will include at least one candidate for co-director and three to four candidates for each at-large position. The nominating committee will prepare its slate after soliciting names from the executive committee (which may recommend up to two candidates per position), from the standing committees, and from the membership through the website and by email. It will ensure that (i) any candidate for co-director has appropriate experience and institutional support, (ii) that there will be gender parity on the committee, and (iii) that current areas of research in the organization are adequately represented. It will submit the slate to the Secretary-Treasurer no later than two months before elections are to be held. Other nominations may be made from the floor of a business meeting.
  2. No member of the nominating committee may simultaneously be a member of the executive committee.
  3. The committee shall consist of the most recently retired co-director, who shall act as chair, and four members, two of whom shall be elected each year for two-year terms. Current nominating committee members may not serve a consecutive term.
  4. Each year the chair of the nominating committee shall compile a slate of candidates for the two open positions on the nominating committee.The slate shall consist of no fewer than seven candidates for the two open positions. (That’s seven in all, not seven per position.) Of these, the executive committee may nominate up to three candidates; the nominating committee may nominate up to two candidates; and the remaining candidates should come from the floor of the business meeting or by email to the Secretary-Treasurer or chair of the nominating committee at least two months in advance of elections. Nominations may not be closed until seven names have been placed in nomination. In preparing the ballot, the chair may solicit nominations from the membership and the standing committees and shall remove the names of any former chair of the nominating committee and any nominee who has previously served on the committee for a total of four years or more. Until nominations are closed by the chair, all those who have been nominated by SPEP members, who are themselves members of SPEP in good standing, will be placed on the ballot.
  5. Election to the committee will take place through a rank ordering of the full slate of seven or more candidates. All candidates may provide a brief statement to be included in the election materials. If the top two candidates do not receive a combined total of at least 60% of the votes, there will be a runoff election among the top four candidates.


Beginning in 2017, voting on bylaws amendments and elections to SPEP offices shall be conducted electronically. Whenever a vote to fill an elected office falls short of a majority, a run-off election will be held.

2016 SPEP Conference Information

Layout 1We are very happy to announce the details of the 55th annual SPEP conference to be hosted by Utah Valley University in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 20-22, 2016.

For information on the hotel, please visit the SPEP registration page at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center.

Note that reservations must be made by September 28, 2016.

To register for the conference and pay your annual membership dues, please go to the SPEP page on the PDC website.

Please note that online pre-registration ends on October 10. After that, registration must be done onsite and increases by $10.

Here is the 2016 SPEP Program.

2015 SPEP Conference Information

SPEP15 CoverWe are very happy to announce some of the details of the 54th Annual SPEP Conference to be hosted by Emory University in Atlanta, GA, October 8-10, 2015.

For information on the hotel, please visit the SPEP registration page at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center.

Here is the 2015 SPEP Final Program.

Here is the 2015 Business Meeting Agenda.

Room Block Update and overflow information

SPEP has exceeded its reduced rate room block for the Marriott in Atlanta. In the event that all rooms have been taken at the Marriott, we have made arrangements for a small block of rooms at the Westin Buckhead Atlanta, located at 3391 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA, 30326.

This hotel is a 10 minute walk from the Marriott and rooms are available for $189.00/night. If you would like to reserve a room at the Westin, please copy and paste the following link into a web browser:

(While electronic booking is preferred, rooms can also be reserved by calling: 1-800-westin-1 and mentioning SPEP.)

Note that the reduced SPEP rate for the Westin will only be in effect until Wednesday, September 16, 2015.

You can also look at these other options:

Courtyard by Marriott: 404-869-0818
0.7 mi, 14 min walk

Ritz-Carlton Buckhead: 404-237-2700
0.3 mi, 6 min walk

Doubletree Buckhead: 404-231-1234
0.7 mi, 13 min walk

We look forward to our time together in October.

Conference Lodging Update

Due to limited room availability at the InterContinental Hotel in New Orleans, arrangements have been made for a restricted number of rooms at the nearby Hampton Inn, Garden District, which is a short streetcar ride to the InterContinental.

If you need information on how to make reservations, please email:

We also encourage members to look on travel websites for nearby accommodations.

In the event that we fill our room block at the InterContinental Hotel and the Hampton Inn, arrangements have been made for a small block of rooms at the Hilton New Orleans/St. Charles Ave., which is directly across the street from the InterContinental Hotel.

Please note that the weekend of our conference is a home game for the New Orleans Saints, as well as a popular time for many conferences to meet. These conditions affect general hotel room availability, as well as the cost of room rental. Please be assured that SPEP is working hard to bring our members additional lodging options.

EC Proposal for Expansion of Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is proposing to expand its size by one additional member-at-large. The reasons for this expansion are a continual increase in the number of submissions received each year, resulting in a heavy workload for EC members, and the ever-expanding diversity of philosophical perspectives embraced by the Society’s membership. The EC has considered the financial impact of adding an additional member and we believe that the Society’s finances are healthy enough to absorb the extra costs associated with this proposed expansion. In conformity with the process for voting on proposals approved by the membership at the 2012 meeting in Eugene, this proposal will be discussed and voted upon by the SPEP membership at the 2014 New Orleans business meeting. If this proposal is approved by the membership, an election would then be held the following year at the Atlanta 2015 business meeting according to the standa rd electoral procedure for member-at-large slots, with two candidates nominated. That meeting would also include elections for members of the EC whose term has expired.