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Philosophers Targeted in Hungary

Several philosophers, among them Agnes Heller, Mihály Vajda, Kornél Steiger and others, have been affected by a politically motivated campaign in Hungary.

Herbert Hrachovec offers an overview of the situation on the blog Quatsch, with links to more information.

Laszlo Tengelyi has written an Open Letter Regarding the Situation of Philosophy and Philosophers in Hungary (English translation). You can read Tengelyi’s letter in the original German here.

Today, Jürgen Habermas and former German Culture minister, Julian Nida-Rümelin, issued a call to “Protect the Philosophers!” on seuddeutsche.de (article in German).

For a summary of the article, see Thomas Gregersen’s blog, Political Theory – Habermas and Rawls.

To register a protest against this action, visit the online petition, which includes an English translation.