University of Essex

Founded in 1974, Essex’s philosophy department is internationally recognized for its unique combination of Anglo-American and European continental philosophy. We are committed to fostering a wide variety of philosophical approaches, and to developing links between philosophy and other disciplines. We offer a wide range of degree schemes for undergraduates, taught postgraduates, and doctoral research students. Full-time faculty include Will Cartwright, Peter Dews, Beatrice Han-Pile, Fabian Freyenhagen, Fiona Hughes, Patrice Maniglier, David Mc Neill, Wayne Martin, Mark Sacks, Dan Watts and Mike Weston. We have close ties both with Europe and with the US, and around 50 graduate students from many different countries. The Department also hosts a three year AHRC Project: Transcendental Philosophy and Naturalism, directed by Mark Sacks, and is home to the journal Inquiry, edited by Wayne Martin. We have anRAE research rating of 5 and a QAA teaching ratingof 24/24.