University College Dublin

The School of Philosophy at U.C.D. is strongly committed to Continental Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, and the History of Philosophy. With 7 Faculty specialists in Continental Philosophy, the School has research excellence in the following areas: Phenomenology (especially Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, Ricoeur), Critical Theory, Kant, Hegel, German Idealism and its Aftermath, Derrida and deconstruction, and in continental aesthetics. The School takes the view that research work in Continental Philosophy is significantly enhanced when placed within the History of Philosophy or articulated alongside common issues in Analytic Philosophy, including cognitive science. It is in this context that our graduate programs in Continental Philosophy are taught. We offer a one year M.A. program in which students select from a range of modules in Phenomenology, Critical Theory and German Idealism, but are also expected to participate in modules offered in Analytic Philosophy. In our Ph.D. program doctoral students take a number of required advanced seminars in topics relevant to their research speciality and are required to be fully active in a wide range of School hosted seminars, workshops, and conferences from across the philosophical spectrum. The School has a very lively visiting speakers program and regularly hosts international conferences (it will host the SEP conference in 2008 and it hosted the Husserl Circle in 2005). The student group is diverse and international students are welcomed. Some research scholarships are available.