San Jose State University *

The San Jose State University M. A. in philosophy may be pursued through one of three plans.  The plan with thesis is the most traditional and is particularly appropriate for students who wish to pursue a formal written project under close faculty supervision in preparation for a later dissertation at a Ph.D. granting institution.   The second plan, called the Reading Intensive plan, is particularly appropriate for students who are pursuing the M. A. for personal enrichment.  Students who wish to go on to a Ph.D. program may also use it, for example if they believe that focusing on writing a publishable paper would be more valuable than finishing a Master’s Thesis. (It is becoming common for Ph.D. programs not to require an M.A. thesis, and for employers to expect some publications even before completing the Ph.D.)  The third plan, with the Applied Philosophy Project, fits well with the concept of San Jose State as a metropolitan university.  It connects philosophy in a systematic manner to professional life in Silicon Valley.  Students who follow this plan frequently come from the community to reflect, in a sustained and rigorous way, on the ethical, social, and epistemological aspects of their work in the professional and business world.  They, then, return to the community with an enriched perspective, a firm commitment to philosophy, and stronger ties to San Jose State.