Rice University

The program at Rice University is largely analytic. However, those wishing to study continental philosophy (especially the various formations of phenomenology) in a context where familiarity with the analytic tradition is part of the deal can do so. This is especially the case for students interested in philosophy of mind, since a good number of open-minded faculty work in this area (Casey O’Callaghan, Nicoletta Orlandi, Richard Grandy, Charles Siewert, Steven Crowell), or in moral psychology, ethics, and the foundations of bioethics (Baruch Brody, George Sher, Gwen Bradford, H. T. Engelhardt, Jr., Crowell). Department faculty members in the history of philosophy (Mark Kulstad, Don Morrison, Engelhardt, Crowell) are familiar with, and open to, continental philosophy. Many scholars in other departments do work that connects with continental philosophy in its many variants – for instance, Cary Wolfe (English), John Zammito (History), Christian Emden (German), James Faubion (Anthropology), Judith Roof (English) — and students in philosophy have an opportunity to learn from them. But Rice is not the best place to go to pursue broad training in continental philosophy as this is currently understood in the United States.