Loyola Marymount University *

The Loyola Marymount University Department of Philosophy has a long-standing commitment to excellent teaching, careful advising, and productive scholarship, and is dedicated to providing a collegial and friendly environment conducive to ongoing and collaborative intellectual development. We encourage both students and faculty to engage in collaborative inquiry and discussion in the interest of maintaining a vibrant intellectual community. We take an active interest in the well-being and personal growth of our students and invite informal conversation and discussion between students and professors outside the more formal context of the seminar. While the department as a whole values a strong foundation in the history of philosophy, it is pluralistic in its orientation and staffed by specialists in both the analytic and the continental traditions. The Department is distinguished by its desire to familiarize students with the full range of philosophical traditions and issues: western and eastern, continental and analytic. The special interests of our sixteen full-time faculty cover a broad range of systematic topics and historical periods, providing resources for a wide variety of specialized studies.