The Reasons of Europe. History and Problems of a Philosophical Concept

The Department of Philosophy and the Ph.D. School in Philosophy and History of Philosophy of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, in cooperation with the Phenomenological Observatory and with Euroikìa—Association for Humanities Studies, are pleased to announce that they are organizing an international workshop on “The Reasons of Europe. History and Problems of a Philosophical Concept”. The conference will take place on Dec. 13-14, 2013 in Rome.

The aim of the workshop will be to investigate and rethink the legacy of the long phenomenological tradition—from Husserl to Heidegger, from Patočka to Derrida among others—that has dealt with Europe as a philosophical issue. The conference will start from a phenomenological standpoint to enter into an analytic discussion with a variety of perspectives: political, literary, legal, mythological, post-colonial and gender studies, to cite only a few.

Keynote Speakers:
▪ Marc CRÉPON, directeur de recherche au CNRS (Archives Husserl), directeur du département de Philosophie de l’ENS.
▪ Rodolphe GASCHÉ, Distinguished Professor, State University of New York – Eugenio Donato Professor of Comparative Literature, State University of New York at Buffalo.
▪ Sara HEINÄMAA, Ph.D., Docent, University Lecturer in Theoretical Philosophy, University of Helsinki.

Scholars interested in presenting a paper are invited to submit an abstract proposal. Preferably, but not necessarily, such proposal should put phenomenology in connection with one of the above-mentioned perspectives. Abstracts should be of 500 words (max.) in length. Please provide also a title proposal and 3 to 6 key words.
Please send your submissions by e-mail as an attached PDF or Word file to the following address:

The conference will be held in English.

Deadline: July 31, 2013.
Notification of acceptance: September 30, 2013.

We are planning to publish the conference proceedings with a selection of presented papers.

Conference Website: