Phenomenology & the History of Platonism

Call for Papers

Ed. by D. De Santis & C. Majolino

The ambition of the present call for papers is to invite scholars (both phenomenologists and Plato scholars) to explore the relations between 20th century phenomenology and “history of Platonism(s)” in order to provide what could be characterized as a first and systematic “cartography” of all those motives that—implicitly or explicitly, directly or indirectly, in a positive, negative or even opposite way—animate them and their intertwined histories.
We welcome submissions on any aspects of the relation between phenomenology and the Platonic legacy.

• Phenomenology and the history of (ancient and modern) Platonism;
• Phenomenology and Neo-Platonism;
• The doctrine of principles;
• Phenomenological interpretations of Plato’s doctrine of forms or Plato’s philosophy as a whole;
• Phenomenological criticisms of Plato and the Platonic legacy;
• Comparison between phenomenology and other interpretations
• Plato’s foundational role vis-à-vis the history of Western thought and the idea of philosophy;
• Platonic paideia and the phenomenology of education;
• The idea of Europe and the “care of the soul”;
• Skepticism and the paradox of knowledge;
• Intuitive and discursive form of cognition;
• Platonic dialectics and the method of philosophy;
• Plato and the “a priori”.

Deadline: May 31, 2019.
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