CFP: Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World

We invite submissions for the 25th-annual meeting of the Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World (SPCW) to be held July 14th-19th, 2018 at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. While we welcome and encourage papers on any topic related to philosophy in the contemporary world (broadly construed), of particular interest are papers that engage with this year’s theme: freedom and society. Given the apparent global trend towards criticism of and dissatisfaction with the Modern political ideal of individual freedom, how should and how can philosophical conceptions of freedom be employed to analyze and impact important social and political issues?
We welcome papers on all topics, from any and all philosophical traditions. SPCW is especially interested in, and invites contributions by those from historically underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds, as well as anyone working to expand the scope and quality of philosophical discourses beyond the conventional canon. Hence, in addition to established philosophers, we welcome the fellowship of graduate students, nontraditional philosophers, and persons with other non-philosophical specializations. We aim to provide the atmosphere for a genuinely positive and supportive exchange of views.

Annual Conference