CfP: “Poetics of Exscription. J.-L. Nancy and Literature” [Seminar + Edited Volume]

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ACLA Seminar, UCLA (Los Angeles), March 29th –April 1st, 2018

Poetics of Exscription
J.-L. Nancy and Literature

“To write, and to read, is to be exposed, to expose oneself […] to ‘exscription’.”
– The Birth to Presence

At the limit of discursive meaning, poetic language continually delineates an edge: where writing, no longer merely ‘representing’ or conveying ‘meaning’, touches upon the corporeality of words. In this situation of intimate contact with “language as body”, exscription – literally – takes place.
From Sophocles to Joyce, Homer to Rimbaud, literature and literary theory are without doubt essential to Jean-Luc Nancy’s oeuvre. In fields like art history and performance studies, his philosophy is widely received; literary studies, however, have yet to fully unlock its critical potential. While there are studies dedicated to specific aspects of Nancy’s literary thought, an overarching account remains a (surprising) research gap. The goal of our seminar is to exchange current work on the topic and to, for the first time, flesh out a genuinely Nancean poetics. An edited volume on the results of he seminar is planned.

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