Praxis and Critique: Liberation, Pedagogy, and the University

2015 International Herbert Marcuse Society Conference, held November 12-15, 2015 on the campus of Salisbury University (MD).

In recent years, the problems and contradictions intrinsic to capitalist society have resulted in a number of manifest, seemingly permanent, crises. Many researchers, academics, and activists have seized on the urgency of recent coalescing crises—from environmental degradation to economic inequality, political instability to social unraveling, and beyond—in an attempt to ameliorate and analyze the consequences of these dilapidated social relations. The work of Herbert Marcuse aims to radically re-envision social relations via critical theory as a way to formulate a praxis of liberation. However, if we live in a society, as Marcuse puts it, “without negation,” how shall this critical rationality be cultivated? This conference will answer these questions in an interdisciplinary format including public works of art, programs of activism, an papers on the intersection of Marcuse’s thought with contemporary issues of race, gender, LGBTQIA studies, disability studies, and postcolonial theory.

Please contact conference organizer Sarah Surak ( with questions.