Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) conference 2014: Education as Philosophies of Engagement

PESA-DL-Flyer-FINAL-page2The term ‘engagement’ suggests many aspects crucial not only to education, but to living in our contemporary globalised world. Engagement invokes thoughts about the relational, the personal; to cultures, religions; physical, emotional, psychological and virtual spaces; contesting political, economic and social critique and encompassing notions of civic engagement and activism; of engaging the stranger and the foreigner, the self, the ‘thou’ and ‘other’. Engagement signals the importance of traversing philosophical possibilities and negotiating ways to deal with contrasting or conflicting views – with anger, with violence and war. How can we/ought we engage with each other and with world issues such as inequalities, child poverty, female education, genocide, democracy and so on based on these provocations?

We warmly welcome submissions addressing this theme.
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