2017 Feminist Decolonial Politics Workshop

This year the Feminist Decolonial Politics Workshop will focus on the work of feminist writer, scholar, and activist, Sara Ahmed. Ahmed is the author of Strange Encounters: Embodied Others in Post-Coloniality (2000), On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life (2012), Queer Phenomenology: Orientations, Object, Others (2006), and the blog feministkilljoys.com.

Every day of the 4-day workshop is comprised of 2 3-hour sessions with each session being led by a workshop participant. Each participant is expected to have read all the material and attend the entire workshop, but is only responsible for guiding conversations on one section of a text in particular. The hope is that collaboratively we can come to better understand the majority of an author’s work and develop an in-depth understanding of how the author’s many texts fit together. The workshop concludes with a Skype conversation with Dr. Ahmed!

Anyone interested in participating in this workshop should submit an application that includes (a) a CV and (b) a cover letter stating why you are interested in the workshop. A rolling review of applications will begin on February 15th, 2017. This workshop is intended primarily for graduate students, junior scholars, untenured faculty, or independent scholars, but we encourage all to apply. Applications should be sent directly to epaquet1@uncc.edu.

In an attempt to ensure that those who are underfunded or lack adequate financial support are able to participate, some travel funding is available. Anyone who is in need of travel funding is asked to submit a statement of need along with their application, as well as a budget detailing how they would use the funds. For full consideration, please apply by February 15th, 2017.