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Proposals for the 2012 SPEP Meeting

My Town, Rochester, NY via Flickr by RocPx

In an effort to allow the membership time to consider matters of importance in a timely fashion, the SPEP Executive Committee will post issues to be discussed at the business meeting at least one month prior to the annual conference.  Please see the following three items to be considered at this year’s business meeting:


Proposal for Voting on Proposals, Resolutions, and Motions

All items to be voted on at the business meeting must be distributed to the SPEP membership no less than one month before the date of the business meeting. Since the Executive Committee [EC] sets the agenda for the business meeting, anyone wishing to introduce an agenda item is required to send that item to the Co-Directors no less than two months before the date of the business meeting. The EC will then distribute an agenda for the business meeting, including any proposals or motions to be voted on by the membership, to the membership by email.  These items will also be made available on the SPEP website as well as at the registration desk.

We make this proposal so that all members will know in advance what is going to be discussed at the upcoming business meeting, and will therefore have the opportunity to make arrangements to be there for the discussion and vote. On this proposal, new business could, as always, still come up from the floor, but it could not be voted on until the next year’s business meeting.  We want to emphasize that this proposal is intended to apply only to voting for proposals, resolutions, and motions, not to our voting procedures for new members of the EC or Co-Directors.


The quorum necessary for voting on proposals, resolutions, and motions shall be equivalent to 10% of dues paying members at the time that the agenda is published.  (For example, this past year that would have set the quorum at 71 people.)  Information about the number necessary to constitute a quorum for the upcoming business meeting would be provided to the membership by the Secretary-Treasurer at the time that the agenda is circulated via email and posted to the website.

We make this proposal because currently, what constitutes a quorum at the business meeting is too vague (namely, all those who are present).


Amendment to the Revised Nominating Committee Proposal [P2]

There shall be a Nominations Committee (NC) of five SPEP members, serving in an advisory capacity to the SPEP Executive Committee (EC), to help identify and nominate two or more candidates for each open at-large position on the EC. The NC will meet with the EC at the annual meeting to discuss the positions that will be coming open the following year, what areas in continental philosophy will need to be reflected, and any diversity matters. Following the annual meeting, the NC will solicit possible nominees from the EC, from all SPEP committees, and from the general membership. By February 1st, the NC will forward a slate of 6-8 possible nominees to the EC. From this slate the EC will choose two (three if we have on-line voting) names, using standard practices of ensuring that the nominees chosen are in good standing and agree to stand for election. If the EC decides not to accept any of the names on the slate forwarded by the NC, it must justify its decision in writing to the NC. For the co-director position, the Executive Committee will continue to choose the nominee for the position.

As is the current practice, members may still make nominations from the floor for co- director or at-large positions, with all the existing caveats about requirements for co- director.

The Nominations Committee will be composed of the most recently retired SPEP co- director (XCC), who will serve as chair, and four other members to be elected by the membership (except for the first year, when they will be appointed by the EC with staggered terms). The XCC will serve until the next SPEP co-director’s term ends. The four other members will each serve three-year terms staggered in such a way that at least one and no more than two positions on the NC will be open in any given year. As positions on the NC come open, they will be filled as follows: the EC will nominate no less than four and no more than seven candidates for each position and will encourage nominations from the floor. Nominations for the NC may also be made by a general member directly to the EC. The ballots will include space for write-in candidates. To run, candidates should meet qualifications of being regularly participating members of SPEP in good standing with a PhD.  Ideally the pool of candidates for the NC should reflect broad currents in SPEP. Members may serve only one term on the NC. No current or outgoing NC member may be nominated for a position on the EC. As soon as SPEP has the capacity to conduct voting online, the NC should be elected in this manner.


The Committee on the Status of Women would like to propose the creation of an award entitled the “Iris Marion Young Prize for the Best Paper in Feminist Philosophy.”

The justification for such an award is that Feminist Philosophy is still unevenly recognized by the profession of academic philosophy.  Junior scholars in particular may need to provide hiring, review and promotion committees with evidence of the esteem in which this sort of work is taken by their peers, especially in departments in which continental philosophy or philosophical pluralism are not well established.  The creation of such a prize would enhance the professional opportunities available to feminist scholars by providing a “measurable” identifier of quality.  We believe this kind of gesture is a fitting way to recognize the legacy of Iris Marion Young and her contribution to continental philosophy and to the larger body of American political thought.

The mechanism for such an award would be as follows.  Colleagues submitting a paper to SPEP would self-designate as wishing their paper to be considered for the Iris Marion Young Prize.  Such papers would be eligible for the regular SPEP prizes (accompanied by a cash award). Once the Executive Committee has completed review of the submissions, those papers that have been accepted onto the program and that self-designate as wishing to be considered for the Iris Marion Young Prize would be forwarded in blinded form to the CSW for review.  This review would involve 3-4 days.  The Executive Committee will notify the winner of the prize.

Even without a cash award, this prize would be an important mark of professional recognition.   As advised by the Executive Committee, the CSW consulted with members of the other committees in developing this proposal and the response was favorable.  Future iterations of CSW may seek funding from private donors.


The Membership of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy supports the creation of an Iris Marion Young Prize for the Best Paper in Feminist Philosophy, to be administered by the SPEP Committee on the Status of Women.

2012 SPEP Conference Program

SPEP 2012 Program Cover

We are very happy to announce the details of the 51st Annual SPEP Conference to be held in Rochester, NY, November 1-3, 2012.

The 2012 SPEP Program is now available.

We invite you to visit the Philosophy Documentation Center’s SPEP Conference Registration webpage to register for the 2012 conference in Rochester and pay your annual dues for the 2012-2013 membership year.

Register online to avoid additional on-site charges.

For information on the hotel, please visit the SPEP registration page at the Hyatt Regency Rochester or call: 888-421-1442.

Mention SPEP when you book your reservation for the conference price of $130.00/night for up to quadruple occupancy.

We look forward to our time together in November.

2012 SPEP Registration is Open

Freddy_SueRegistration for the 51st annual meeting of SPEP is now open.

This year’s conference will be held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency in Rochester, NY from November 1-3, 2012.

Registration and annual dues may be paid online through The Philosophy Documentation Center at the 2012 SPEP Registration Page.

Register online to avoid additional on-site charges.

For information on the hotel, please visit the SPEP registration page of the Hyatt Regency Rochester or call: 888-421-1442.

Mention SPEP when you book your reservation for the conference price of $130.00/night for up to quadruple occupancy.

The final program will be mailed in August. An online version of the program will be available by the end of the summer.

2012 SPEP Call for Papers

Rochester, NY Skyline via _Yoshi_ on Flickr

The 2012 SPEP Call for Papers for the 51st Annual Conference in Rochester, NY hosted by Rochester Institute of Technology and Nazareth College is now available.

The Deadline is 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, February 1, 2012.
Please make sure you download and read the details of the call for papers and panel proposals.  All submissions are considered under a blind review process.
The deadline for nominating books for Current Research Sessions is also Wednesday, February 1, 2012.

2011 SPEP Conference Final Preparations

Philly! by Jakob Montrasio via Flickr

We look forward to seeing everyone in Philadelphia later this week!

In preparation for the business meeting on Friday, October 21st at 5:30 in the ballroom at the Sheraton Society Hill, we are posting two items for your review.

  1. The 2011 Advocacy Committee Resolution: the resolution concerns SPEP’s support for pluralistic approaches to philosophy, including the independent efforts of the new Pluralist’s Guide to Philosophy.
  2. SPEP Ad Hoc Governance Committee Memo: the memo articulates a motion to be brought to the floor in which the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee on SPEP Governance is proposed.
We also invite you to participate online via various social media sites. The hashtag we will use for the conference is: #SPEP11. If you take pictures and post them on Flickr or elsewhere, if you blog or tweet about the conference, please do use the hashtag so they can be easily located and followed.

SPEP 2011 Food and Drink Guide for Philadelphia

Restaurant Floor by Vilseskogen via Flickr

Center City Philadelphia is organized according to what can be called the Milesian Plan, that name coming from the 6th century BC Milesian school, used by Alexander the Great and later the Romans in setting up colonies.  This means Philadelphia is laid out along an easily navigable grid pattern with one longitudinal and one traverse artery, Broad and Market Street respectively.

Philadelphia is also city of neighborhoods.  Sheraton Society Hill is located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Old City district.  Old City, anchored by Second Street, (just a short walk from the SPEP hotel) is a combination of beautiful old buildings, cobble stone streets, tourists, boutiques, galleries and lots of bars and restaurants.

Many of your dining and entertainment needs can be met right here.  The 2011 SPEP food and drink guide 2011 we provide here indicates the best options in this neighborhood and in the city generally.

Price ranges for entrées are indicated on a relative scale of one to four dollar signs ($ – $$$$).  Finally, if you want to be out and about without paying a fortune in cab fare, you can hop on any of the westbound buses on Walnut St. or go up to Market Street to catch the Market-Frankford line armed with $2 to head to addresses beyond walking distance in Center City.