Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

EC Statement on Executive Committee Nominations

The Executive Committee [EC] strives to represent a number of currents within continental philosophy. These have included German and French phenomenology, existentialism, hermeneutics, post-structuralism, deconstruction/post-modernism, feminism, critical theory, philosophy of race, and social-political theory. Over time, these areas have shifted and have been embodied by specific members of the EC in different ways, and we expect that they will continue to shift in response to changes in the interests of the membership and the development of new intellectual currents in continental philosophy. All members of the EC have varied expertise, allowing both overlap in areas covered and the accommodation of a plurality of perspectives in a transparent manner.

When the EC nominates individuals for open member at-large positions, it strives to achieve broad coverage in these areas and currents, with an eye to best fulfilling its program and governance functions. The EC also strives to nominate faculty members with strong academic profiles who have been active and longstanding members of SPEP, and who have served the society in other capacities (e.g. as a member of one of the SPEP committees). Gender balance and other types of diversity are also a factor in nominations. The EC is responsive in nominations to the concerns of the membership and the committees of SPEP. Recently, the EC incorporated a recommendation from the Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) no longer to make gender a factor in nominations for the third EC member-at-large position. This means that while the EC continues to strive for gender balance in co-director positions and in two of the three member at-large positions, the third position can be considered independently of the issue of gender.


Suggestions for Nominations to the SPEP Executive Committee: Member At-Large Position

Please use this form to make a suggestion for a nominee to the member-at-large position on the SPEP Executive Committee. You may offer your own name or another member’s name. The Executive Committee can only consider people who are current members of SPEP in good standing. Please note that each member may suggest more than one person, but we ask that each member not suggest the same person more than once.
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