Message from the Executive Co-Directors about PhilPapers

Dear SPEP members,

We are writing to you in regard to PhilPapers (, the online directory of articles and books by academic philosophers. As you may know, this site has become an important venue for the distribution of philosophical work. The SPEP Executive Committee would like to see this site become more representative of the breadth, variety and richness of current research in Continental philosophy. To that end, we encourage you to submit your work to the PhilPapers site, and/or to submit your personal webpage to be monitored by PhilPapers. You will need to create a PhilPapers account in order to do this, but the process for doing so is simple and painless. We hope that you will join us in this effort to make the outstanding research that is being done by SPEP members more visible to the broader philosophical community. If you don’t have a personal webpage with your research or links to your research posted on it, we encourage you to create one.

With best wishes for the start of the academic year,

Amy Allen and Tony Steinbock
Executive Co-Directors, SPEP