Proposals for Voting on Proposals, Resolutions, and Motions

All items to be voted on at the business meeting must be distributed to the SPEP membership no less than one month before the date of the business meeting. Since the Executive Committee [EC] sets the agenda for the business meeting, anyone wishing to introduce an agenda item is required to send that item to the Co-Directors no less than two months before the date of the business meeting. The EC will then distribute an agenda for the business meeting, including any proposals or motions to be voted on by the membership, to the membership by email. These items will also be made available on the SPEP website as well as at the registration desk.

We make this proposal so that all members will know in advance what is going to be discussed at the upcoming business meeting, and will therefore have the opportunity to make arrangements to be there for the discussion and vote. On this proposal, new business could, as always, still come up from the floor, but it could not be voted on until the next year’s business meeting. We want to emphasize that this proposal is intended to apply only to voting for proposals, resolutions, and motions, not to our voting procedures for new members of the EC or Co-Directors.