Iris Marion Young Prize for the Best Paper in Feminist Philosophy

November 2, 2012

The justification for the “Iris Marion Young Prize for the Best Paper in Feminist Philosophy” is that Feminist Philosophy is still unevenly recognized by the profession of academic philosophy. Junior scholars in particular may need to provide hiring, review and promotion committees with evidence of the esteem in which this sort of work is taken by their peers, especially in departments in which continental philosophy or philosophical pluralism are not well established. The creation of such a prize would enhance the professional opportunities available to feminist scholars by providing a “measurable” identifier of quality. We believe this kind of gesture is a fitting way to recognize the legacy of Iris Marion Young and her contribution to continental philosophy and to the larger body of American political thought.

The mechanism for such an award would be as follows. Colleagues submitting a paper to SPEP would self-designate as wishing their paper to be considered for the Iris Marion Young Prize. Such papers would be eligible for the regular SPEP prizes (accompanied by a cash award). Once the Executive Committee has completed review of the submissions, those papers that have been accepted onto the program and that self-designate as wishing to be considered for the Iris Marion Young Prize would be forwarded in blinded form to the CSW for review. This review would involve 3-4 days. The Executive Committee will notify the winner of the prize.

Even without a cash award, this prize would be an important mark of professional recognition. As advised by the Executive Committee, the CSW consulted with members of the other committees in developing this proposal and the response was favorable. Future iterations of CSW may seek funding from private donors.


The Membership of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy supports the creation of an Iris Marion Young Prize for the Best Paper in Feminist Philosophy, to be administered by the SPEP Committee on the Status of Women.