SPEP 2011 Food and Drink Guide for Philadelphia

Restaurant Floor by Vilseskogen via Flickr

Center City Philadelphia is organized according to what can be called the Milesian Plan, that name coming from the 6th century BC Milesian school, used by Alexander the Great and later the Romans in setting up colonies.  This means Philadelphia is laid out along an easily navigable grid pattern with one longitudinal and one traverse artery, Broad and Market Street respectively.

Philadelphia is also city of neighborhoods.  Sheraton Society Hill is located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Old City district.  Old City, anchored by Second Street, (just a short walk from the SPEP hotel) is a combination of beautiful old buildings, cobble stone streets, tourists, boutiques, galleries and lots of bars and restaurants.

Many of your dining and entertainment needs can be met right here.  The 2011 SPEP food and drink guide 2011 we provide here indicates the best options in this neighborhood and in the city generally.

Price ranges for entrées are indicated on a relative scale of one to four dollar signs ($ – $$$$).  Finally, if you want to be out and about without paying a fortune in cab fare, you can hop on any of the westbound buses on Walnut St. or go up to Market Street to catch the Market-Frankford line armed with $2 to head to addresses beyond walking distance in Center City.