APA to Publish Guide to Graduate Study in Philosophy

Ed Casey, past President of the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association, reports that on his initiative the national board of the APA has undertaken a massive survey of all M.A. and Ph.D. graduate programs in Philosophy in the United States.

This survey is meant to be informative in quite detailed ways regarding the number, composition, gender ratio, and racial identities of faculty members as well as graduate students.

Data concerning average years to completion of graduate degrees will be given as well as job placement figures. A special column will allow programs to give a profile of themselves and to specify what they offer that is truly distinctive.

There will be no ranking whatsoever of the 243 graduate programs surveyed. The aim is to help prospective graduate students make informed decisions.

The results of this comprehensive study will become available this fall on the APA website under the heading of “Guide to Study in Philosophy.”